Welcome to the official website of Cascadia College’s award-winning creative arts magazine Yours Truly.

Our staff is currently reviewing submissions. Expect to hear about your submission status by mid-March 2020.

In the meantime, please consider joining our CREATIVITY at CASCADIA Canvas site and contributing to our Six-Word Memoir Project!

six-word memoir project graphic

  • Share something about yourself or your life in just six words!
  • Submit as many memoirs as you like!
  • Your memoir(s) will be part of an art installation at the Yours Truly publication launch event in June!

Join the “Creativity at Cascadia” Canvas site to submit! 

Here are some examples:

“Life is one big editorial meeting.” – Gloria Steinam

“Former Boss: ‘Writing’s your worst skill!’” – Amy Tan

“Found true love. Married someone else.” – Dave Eggers

“I turned 11. No Hogwarts letter.” – Laura Murray

“There are consequences to my color.” – Afua Richardson

We hope you participate! For more information, email yourstruly@cascadia.edu.